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We value our patients' experience at American Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. John Kosbau
Your Sacramento Chiropractor

I had stiffness in my lower back, it was very hard to get up and sit down, and being in one position was very painful. I could not move my neck sideways, and I was having a lot of headaches. After starting treatment with Dr. Kosbau, my condition improved so much and so quickly that I can do everything and anything so easily without pain or discomfort.

-Anita M.

I suffered from severe headaches for 15 years. Every one was just a little worse then the one before. The last 6 of those years, I lived everyday of my life with a headache of one degree or another. I have not had another bad headache since the first adjustment.

-Mary Ann

I had lower back pain that radiated down my left leg to my foot, and I could not stand for very long. After treating with Dr. Kosbau, my back feels better than it has ever felt in my adult life.

-Willie J.

After a fall skiing, I could barely walk and had a tearing sensation in my lower back. Within two days after starting treatment with Dr. Kosbau I was walking normally.

-Carol K.

I was unable to enjoy most situations. The pain from my neck and head was overwhelming. I went to several doctors. One doctor said it was a sinus infection, one said I had calcium deposits and arthritis in my neck, and one said I may need to seek counseling. I came to Dr. Kosbau as a last resort. He found the problem and the treatments have made me feel 100% better.

I had tendinitis in my right shoulder, which caused severe pain and numbness and limited motion in my lower arm. After starting treatment with Dr. Kosbau, my shoulder area is completely healed. My spine is straighter and a leg that has always been shorter is now almost the same length as the other.

-Jean P.

My back slipped out during spring planting, and I could hardly move. Dr. Kosbau examined me and started a treatment program. I'm feeling back to normal. What a great feeling to be able to continue normal activities without pain.

-Vivia W.

I had lower back and arm pain for 5 years. After only 4 treatments, I really felt so much better, like a new woman. I can walk without pain.

-Hazel D

I had pain in my neck, back and tailbone area. Sometimes the pain was extreme. I also was trying to have a baby, but for some unknown reason, I was not able to get pregnant. I was also having headaches. I no longer have headaches or back pain. After about a year of chiropractic care, I had an amazing thing happen. I became pregnant. It was a miracle.

I had extreme pain in my neck,and back, I could hardly sit, stand or breath, and I suffered with headaches and muscle spasms. Since starting treatment, I am able to sit without my back getting tired for long periods of time. I am also able to enjoy sports with my kids without hurting. Dr. John is an extremely thorough and careful doctor. He is very concerned about his patients and treats them like family.

-Michelle D.

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Exclusive Offer Special Offer: $60.00 Consultation which includes an examination, and an adjustment (if indicated).

This offer is not valid for worker's compensation injuries or injuries due to automobile accidents.

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